Last Week in Security (LWiS) - 2022-11-08

I'm a day late - sorry!

Last Week in Security is a summary of the interesting cybersecurity news, techniques, tools and exploits from the past week. This post covers 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-08.


Techniques and Write-ups

Tools and Exploits

  • Volumiser is a command line tool and interactive console GUI for listing, browsing and extracting files from common virtual machine hard disk image formats.
  • katana - A next-generation crawling and spidering framework from projectdiscovery.
  • KeeFarceReborn - A standalone DLL that exports databases in cleartext once injected in the KeePass process.
  • CVE-2022-33679 One day based on RC4 is still considered harmfrul.
  • stager_libpeconv A basic meterpreter protocol stager using the libpeconv library by hasherezade for reflective loading.
  • CVE-2022-40146_Exploit_Jar. Apache Batik SSRF to RCE Jar Exploit.
  • awsrecon - Tool for reconnaissance of AWS cloud environments.
  • exe_who - Executables on Disk? Bleh 🤮.

New to Me and Miscellaneous

This section is for news, techniques, write-ups, tools, and off-topic items that weren't released last week but are new to me. Perhaps you missed them too!

  • The Information Security Kardashev Scale. Interesting way to tier out cybersecurity.
  • PowerHuntShares is an audit script designed in inventory, analyze, and report excessive privileges configured on Active Directory domains.
  • Kernelhub 🌴Kernel privilege escalation vulnerability collection, with compilation environment, demo GIF map, vulnerability details, executable file (Windows only).
  • grace It's strace, with colors.

Techniques, tools, and exploits linked in this post are not reviewed for quality or safety. Do your own research and testing. This post is cross-posted on SIXGEN's blog.